Supari Mohini Mantra for Solar Eclipse

The Supari, Betal Nut in English is one of the most popular and widely used Tantric Items in Vashikarn, Akarshan and Mohini Mantra Experiments and in Tantric Practices and other Attraction Spells, which are independent of a Mantra. A lot of such experiments and Mantras have previously been published on this site. In this post, is given a Mohini Mantra Sadhana, which is performed on the day of a Surya Grahan [Solar Eclipse}.

The Siddhi is gained as mentioned above on the day of a Solar Eclipse. The Sadhak has to do the Sadhana by standing in waist high water in a river, holding a Supari in his hand and chanting the Mohini Mantra given below 7,000 times.

ग्रहण काल सुपारी मोहिनी मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Supari Mohini Mantra for Grahan Kaal in Hindi and English

An Indian Attraction Spell using Betal Nuts
Supari Mohini Mantra for Solar Eclipse

After the completion of the 7,000 chants, the Supari becomes infused with the Supari Mohini Mantra and becomes ready for use.

After this, for actual use and it can be done on any day, the Supari is cleaned and washed with Milk and the Mohini Mantra is chanted seven times to infuse it again with the Mantra. Then it has to be given to the who is sought to be brought under an Attraction Spell to eat.

This Mohini Mantra is from the Shabar Vidya Branch of Indian Mantra Sciences.

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  1. Dear Neel Sir,
    Should we always gaze at the item to be infused while chanting the mantras? Sometimes you mention "looking at" in other posts but sometimes you don't - is this an untold secret to abhimantrit an item?

    1. To infuse a Tantric Item, all you have to do is to comfortably and without straining your mind, imagine that the vibrations of the mantra are being transferred to the Item.


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