Is Narendra Modi the Hindu Messiah

A messiah is described as the one who is the savior of a faith, sect, religion, race or a region. This concept has been extremely popular in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and most other faiths of the world since time immemorial. The concept of the Messiah, remains unclear in Hinduism, the savior is often identified with the Dashavatara, the ten Avatars of Vishnu. Of these ten Avatars, only the tenth one, the Kalki Avatar, is yet to manifest.

There is a lot of talk, whether Narendra Modi is an Avatar or even a Messiah. I had written a piece sometime back about this, where I said that he is an agent of change, a trigger a game changer. This definitely fits the concept of the Messiah, much better, than the Avatar concept.

The Avatar is one bestowed with supernatural and divine powers, and is an incarnation of God whereas a Messiah is God’s agent of change. Narendra Modi obviously has no supernatural powers and hence should not be confused with the Kalki Avatar. The Kalki Avatar will be the savior of all of humanity and not Hinduism alone.

Hinduism at the present moment of time is direly in need of a Messiah to restore back the dwindling faith of the masses. Even though it forms over 80% of India’s population, it appears to be under some sort of seize and a definite kind of seize mentality appears to have set in. Only a Messiah can revive the sinking fortunes of the Hindu religion, now an open target of abuse and contempt by almost anyone.

At this time of writing this piece, we are witnessing the sorry spectacle of the abuses and slaps coming the way of Arvind Kejriwal, a false Messiah, whose mission was the upliftment of the common person. Kejriwal, by way of his words, promises and actions gave the common person the impression that he was a Messiah. Now the public, whose expectations remained unfulfilled, see him as a bogus Messiah and have made him into an object of abuse, contempt and ridicule.

Modi has raised a lot of expectations, far bigger than Kejriwal and amongst a much larger percentage of India’s population; these expectations are not only about reviving Hinduisms sinking fortunes, but also expectations of a better life and economic upliftment.

If Modi wins and becomes Prime Minister of India and there are strong chances of this coming true, there will be a lot of expectations riding on him. Only time will tell whether he is the Hindu Messiah or not.

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  1. Dear Sir, I am a big fan of your's and I am totally convinced that you have the divinity to discover the truth. However, through western conspiracy theories, it is easy to understand that the global power is in the hands of Banking Giants who have actually centralised it and that power has established a fake political system in virtually all countries and within these systems, its just one group of people (politicians), having formed many parties are misleading the public into thinking that they are ruled by a fair political system just like all other countries. Modi levied Swachcha Bharath tax and if we calculate the amount of money that's been collected as tax and the amount of money spent on works done with respect to Swachcha Bharath simply explains the credibility of this person who's primary agenda was to open bank accounts, which he did in record numbers and after that he is bringing in foreign investments which only means that the countries wealth is channelled to go out. I cannot see any multi-national company as being in any way different to the infamous British East India Company.

    Sir, we would like to hear more truth with regard to this matter as people don't seem to be paying any attention to the real evil side of political systems of the world.

    1. True, all politicians are in the same mould, but I feel that the problem regarding Modi's taxes, measures at filling the coffers of Banks and means to plug financial leakages lies far deeper.
      India for all the big talk is nowhere near the west and other developed nations, that probably explains Modi's make in India campaign.
      There are chances of everything coming tumbling down like a pack of cards and a huge financial collapse.

  2. Dear Sir, thank you for your reply! I feel honoured!

    May I please ask you what is your opinion about the rumour that the world is ruled by reptilian hybrids which is so rampant on the internet for years (somewhat connected to the stories of Nagas in the Indian Mythology). To my shock, I later came across similar stories in the Purana, Shrimad Bhagawatham where it describes how reptilian rulers ruled the world and also that the Nagas living in one of the layers Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala (cannot remember which layer exactly) are forever going to be hostile for the human beings on earth.

    There are hundreds of videos that claim to be showing shape-shifting reptilians (it could be totally fake also, I understand). Even if there is 1% truth behind those videos, it gives a totally different understanding to what is universally accepted as truth and one gets a greater insight into global politics.

    After spending about 4 years into understanding this subject, I was convinced that the so called conspiracy theorists spreading this story, like David Icke, his predecessors and contemporaries in the UK as well as their counterparts in the USA are all working for the same Elite Group (who run the world from behind the scene of politics) that they always speak against in their talks.

    May I please know if this subject ever caught your interest and if yes, please share your opinion.
    Thanking you.

    1. Such reports and alleged sightings of reptilian beings or hybrids lack credibility, this is the reason why, I have not gone deeper into this subject.
      This is most likely to be a attention catching gimmick invented by certain people, followed by other who have joined the bandwagon.

  3. Dear Sir, I would like to comment on the 2nd part of your comment.

    Prior to the advent of the British into India, spirituality was the way of life. After Independence, materialism gradually started to became the way of life. If India also gets westernised or developed, obviously, it is a threat as well as an insult to the great knowledge (Sanathana Dharma) left behind by the Rishis. In a developed nation the final beneficiaries are only the banks (the global bankers; in other words - Rockerfellas, Rothchilds, etc,. I am sure you are aware of this). After all, it is these people who are sending every new born in this world, to school by the age of 2 years and the retirement age is slowly increasing in some countries. For eg. just a few years ago Australia announced that retirement age in the country is 70 years. This also implies, eradication of spiritual knowledge from planet Earth. The common man will simply be made to work all his life, promoting consumerism and confirmism, the fuel for 'development' or 'westernisation' with absolutely no spiritual solace comming his way.

    Conclusion: Westernisation is inversely proportional to spiritual growth.

    1. In my opinion true Hindu Spiritual Knowledge can never be eradicated for the simple reason that it is the natural evolutionary movement of mankind.
      In the history of humanity, every now and then some or the other man made religion has come up and dominated and tried to put put roadblocks in the path of the evolutionary forward movement and failed.
      The Global Bankers and the NWO will definitely perish at the hands of their creations, look at what is happening in the west, France for example, they created and armed a frankenstein monster [Islamic Jihadis].
      Indian Politician have already done severe damage in the regard for which India also will have to pay heavily in the coming times.

  4. Dear Sir, thank you for your comments and time.


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