Mantra to Purify Arbi Vegetable

The Arbi or Arvi, known in English as Colocasia or Taro roots, is a popular vegetable all over the world, more so in India. This Vanaspati is known to increase physical strength and stamina. Its nature as per Ayurveda is Shita or Cold Prakriti and hence is said to be more suitable to those having an Ushna or Hot Prakriti.

Arbi removes cough from someone suffering from chronic dry cough. It is also true that some people might become constipated by consuming Arbi. Hence, it is essential to add spices and Masala while preparing this vegetable.

In this post, I have given an interesting and unknown Shabar Mantra to purify the Arvi Vanaspati. The raw vegetable can be infused by the Shabar Mantra given here by keeping it in a pan or thali and then chanting the Purifying mantra just once.

An Hindu Mantra for purifing the Colocasia or Taro roots
Mantra to Purify Arbi Vegetable

After this, the vegetable can be washed, cleaned and cooked as is usually done.

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