Use of Red Chillies in Home Remedies

Very few people know that the Red Chili can be put to good use in some home remedies to get relief from certain ailments and body conditions. In this post, I will explain its use in three traditional Indian Home Remedies, ear pain, headache and migraine and removing the poison resulting from scorpion a sting.

For Ear Pain
Approximately 5 Gram Sesame Oil is taken in a large Iron Spoon. This Oil is heated over a fire and when it gets properly heated, a dried Red Chili is put in the oil. When the Red Chili turns Blackish, the Iron Spoon is removed from the fire.

Then the Oil is filtered through a fine Strainer or a Muslin cloth to separate the oil from the chili. The filtered oil is then bottled.

Then whenever needed to get relief from Ear-Pain a few drops of the bottled oil are inserted inside the ears.

For Headache and Migraine
Seven dried Red Chilies are put in about 150 Grams of boiling Ghee [Clarified Butter] and burnt. The Ghee is then separated from the Red Chilies and bottled in the same manner as the one given the remedy for Ear-Pain.

This Ghee is used to lightly massage the forehead and the area around the ears to experience relief from Headache and Migraine.

For Scorpion Sting
One dried Red Chili is crushed in a little bit of water to prepare a paste. This paste if applied over the body part affected by scorpion sting gives relief and is said to reduce and remove the poison.


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