Four Blood Moons Earthquake and Tsunami

The rare Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was witnessed predominantly in North America on the 15th of April. This is the first occurrence of this astronomical alignment; the second occurrence will take place in October, the third in April 2015 and the fourth in September 2015. These astronomical phenomena have generated great interest among those trying to interpret the timing of the Destruction and Wrath prophesied in the Bible Prophecies.

The 6th Seal of Destruction speaks about the Sun becoming Black and the Moon as red as blood. These heavenly signs are followed by a huge earthquake, felt all over the world.  This is followed by what is described as Mighty Winds. These two events the prophecy says will move even mighty mountains and islands out of their foundations. The Destruction will be so massive and worldwide, that the survivors will have to seek safe places to hide from fury of nature.

This looks like the Big Quake, everyone is waiting for, if one goes by this prophecy, they should also wait for the Global Tsunami, which follows this quake. The two go hand in hand, indicating an underwater earthquake, like the one witnessed in Japan, only far bigger.

This Bible Prophecy also appears closely related to the Earthquake of Doom predicted by Nostradamus. In this prophecy, Nostradamus has described how even great countries having mighty foundations will be swept away by the earthquake and the Tsunami, which follows it.

This event also ties in with famous “Fearful Signs from Heavens” Bible Prophecy. The Four Blood Moons could be a warning, an indication about the timing of the Great Destruction, which awaits the world.

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