Home Remedies with Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds are of three types black, white and red. Black Sesame Seeds are said to be the best for health and nutrition. There are many home remedies for curing diseases and ailments practiced in Indian, which make the use of Sesame Seeds. In this post, I have given a selection of unique home remedies making the use of Sesame Seeds.

Consuming a fistful of Sesame Seeds in the early morning is considered good for health. This provides nutrition, vitality, strength and stamina to the body. The teeth are strengthened and become strong and healthy. This remedy also helps in giving relief to the patients of hemorrhoids.

A home remedy for menstrual problems, including irregular periods and bleeding is to boil about 10 to 15 grams Black Sesame Seeds in about 250 grams of water, until the water evaporates to about one fourth of the original quantity. Then Jaggery is mixed in this water and given to the woman suffering from menstrual problems to drink.

A home remedy to stop loose motions in children is to give them a mixture of Sesame Seeds and Khadi Shakkar [Indian Rock Candy] grounded together to eat.

A remedy for easing ear pain is to put some Garlic in Sesame Seed Oil and boil it. Then a few drops of the Oil are inserted into the paining ears.

As Sesame Seeds are rich in lime content, foods containing Sesame Seeds are good for the health of children. Black Sesame Seeds are also given to those children who have the bed-wetting habit.

A home remedy for treating fresh wounds is to grind Sesame Seeds, mix Pure Ghee [Pure Clarified Butter] and honey, and then apply it over the wounds. A mixture of roasted Sesame Seeds, Camphor and Clarified Butter is applied over burns to heal them and give relief to the persons suffering from burns.

A home remedy to give relief from migraine is to grind Sesame Seeds and Vavding Seeds [False Black Pepper] in milk and apply the paste on the forehead.

Drinking a mixture of boiled milk, Sesame Seeds and Gokhru{ Small Caltrops] is believed to be useful in treating problems related to vaginal discharge and is used as part of home remedies in treating infertility in women.

Note- These remedies are not a replacement for any medical treatment, the article has been written mainly for the purpose of imparting knowledge on traditional Indian healing practices.

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