Lucky Yantra [Talisman] for Women

This is a Lucky Yantra, regarding marriage and progeny for Women. This Talisman comprises of the root letters of a Hindu Mantra, which aids in attracting harmonious frequencies. If a girl desires marriage or if a married woman desires progeny, then the Yantra can be of use.

The Yantra making procedure is uncomplicated, all that is required, is to write it down as shown in the image on a Bhojpatra, using the paste of either Kumkum, Ashtagandha  or Raktchandana and written using a pointed stick of the pomegranate tree. If Bhojpatra is unavailable, a white piece of paper can be used instead.

There is no Puj-Vidhi for this Yantra, once prepared, it has to be stitched in a piece of cloth and tied with a string, as a Tabeez, around the waist of the woman.

A good luck Hindu Talisman regarding marriage for women
Lucky Yantra [Talisman] for Women

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