Mantra to make Enemy Lose Concentration

If an enemy in intent upon harming you, then there is a specific Mantra Experiment to make the enemy lose his concentration and prevent him from harming you. This Sadhana, like most such Mantra Sadhanas, is a fearsome Spell and should be practiced when all doors are closed and there are no options available.

Mastery over the Mantra
Siddhi is gained during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse by take a flower of the Aak Tree, known in the English language as the Sodom’s Apple tree and chanting the mantra given in this post 108 times. After this, the flower has to be immersed in a flowing water body, like a river. Any kind of Counting Mala can be used.

An Hindu Mantra Spell to make an enemy lose his concentration
Mantra to make Enemy Lose Concentration

The Experiment
To make an enemy lose concentration, an Aak flower is taken in the hand and the mantra is chanted 108 times to infuse it with the vibrations of the mantra and then the flower is secretly thrown on the body of the enemy. The words in brackets have to be replaced by the name of the enemy.

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  1. please guide that the time of gaining mastery over the mantra do one has to speak the name of enemy or any other word like 'amuk' is spoken or something else.

    1. The name of the enemy is added to the Mantra while gaining Mastery and also in the experiment, as the Mantra is specific to one person at a time.
      For every other person the entire Mastery procedure has to be repeated.

  2. Fearing some sort of argument/nasty reaction at the time of the throwing the flower on the body of enemy, Can the flower be thrown on the car/in the varandah of the house/office of enemy ?

    1. You could try that, but what has been given in the post is the recommendation given in the Tantra.

  3. Dear Neelji,
    is to obtain mastery is it neceserry to be eclipse day, or can be any siddha day like amavasya, somavati amavasya, or any other siddh day, please clarify.
    1. on practicle is the flower can be made churan (powder) or paste kind of then can it be thrown..

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. This Tantra say that Mastery should be obtained over the Mantra during Grahan Kaal and not on any other day or Tithi.


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