Hindu Gods for Appeasing Nine Planets

Traditional Indian astrology recommends the worship of specific Hindu deities as a remedy to appease, make favorable and gain the full benefits of the nine main planets, as per traditional Vedic astrology. In this post, I have given the names of the Gods for individual planets, whose Upasana is essential is appeasing them.

Surya Deva [Sun] – The worship of Vishnu is essential.  Chanting of the Harivansh Puran is also beneficial.

Chandra Deva [Moon] - The regular worship of Lord Shiva is necessary to gain the full beneficial effects of the Moon.

Mangal Deva [Mars] – Hanuman worship and Bhakti, always keep the practitioner under the protective influence of Mars.

Budh Deva [Mercury] – Mercury can be appeased by the sincere worship of Durga Mata. The chanting of the Durga Saptashati or Devi Mahatmyam is considered extremely beneficial.

Guru Deva [Jupiter] – It is essential to appease Brahma Deva to gain the full benefits of Jupiter.

Shukra Deva [Venus] – Laxmi Pujan is extremely important in appeasing Venus.

Shani Deva [Saturn] – There is various prescribed practices of appeasing Shani Deva. The most important one is the sincere and unselfish worship of Shani Deva.

Rahu [North Node] and Ketu [South Node] – The worship of Ganesha and the Mother Goddess in any of her forms appeases both Rahu and Ketu.

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  1. can you tell me what is the source for this..I have read in the other sources that the presiding deity for Sun is Shiva, Mercury is Vishnu and for Rahu is Durga and Ketu is Ganesha

    1. Then why would surya bhagwan be called suryanaraayan and shiv ji as chandrashekhara.


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