Home Remedies using Bananas

It is said in India that eating a banana in the morning is worth copper, if eaten in the afternoon it is worth silver and worth gold if eaten in the evenings. In this post, I have included some selected home remedies and health benefits of bananas.

A banana contains glucose and hence it tastes sweet, it is useful in providing nutrients to the nervous system and hence increases strength and vitality. Milk and banana is an excellent diet for weak and undernourished children as it is rich in iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium and vitamin C.

Another traditional home remedy for children is to dry bananas in shade and then crushing them to a fine paste. This paste is then filtered through a muslin cloth and given to children along with milk. The remedy is said to increase and purify blood and make children strong and healthy.

Ripe Banana mixed with honey is said to be useful in curing jaundice.

A ripe banana consumed along with five grams Pure Ghee [pure clarified butter] twice a day is used as a home remedy to give relief to women suffering from menstrual problems.

A banana eaten along with curds is useful in giving relief from loose motions and stomach ache.

A ripe banana eaten with milk is giving relief from acidity.

Juice of a banana mixed with honey is used as a traditional Indian remedy to stop vomiting.

Note – Excess of anything, including bananas is harmful for health.

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