Prophecies of Nostradamus on Iraq

The land of Babylon appears many times in the prophecies of Nostradamus.  There is no doubt about the geographical location of this ancient region, Babylon is in Iraq, and there no other Babylon in the world.  A few years back, I had attributed some Quatrains as referring to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, these Quatrains, describe unprecedented strife, war and doom and a trigger to a wider global conflict, the third world war.

A brief summary of these prophecies is given in this post. All these prophecies are a part of the wider prophecies that are connected to each other regarding the coming battle of Armageddon, the third and final world war.

 First Prophecy
The Gods are unfair towards Babylon [Iraq] there is bloodshed, strife, violence, famine, sects and change of regimes. The destruction is on land, air and the seas.

All that has been described by Nostradamus is happening right now; there is war and civil war, a Shia-Sunni conflict, quick regime changes- Saddam Hussein, the Americans, Iraqi government and now the Islamic outfits on the verge of taking over and the strong possibility of the Americans and their allies coming back.

Second Prophecy
When the end of the Lunar Ones [Al-Qaeda / Islamic terror groups/Taliban/ Islamic fundamentalists] is near, they will not be far from each other, the borders will be full of danger. This happens even as the Oracle begins his reign.

The second prophecy is equally relevant, it is all happening in countries close to each other; Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and a few more of them, all next to each other and connected by the Islamic radicals on one side and the Americans and their allies on the other side.

The Oracle beginning his reign part is still unclear. This refers to a powerful world ruler, the one who has been predicted in his prophecies by Nostradamus earlier and the one whose time to take center stage has arrived. I have a few theories regarding this Oracle; however, at this moment of time, I will be cautious and wait for some time before giving an opinion.

Third Prophecy
Immediately before the defeat of the two great lunar signs [two Islamic countries], there is great loss of blood; but two great nations will help through the land and the sea.

This prophecy is possibly the aftermath of the first and second prophecies, help and aid after the destruction. The two lunar signs are two of the most powerful of the Islamic nations.

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  1. Would those two lunar nations be Saudi Arabia And Iran?

  2. Gulf War in 1991 in Iraq. how can we relate Nostradamus prophecy with current situation only? there could be major event in future also?


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