Ganesha Totka for Business Problems

This is Shri Ganesha Totka for Guru Pushya Yoga. This remedy is useful for the business persons who are finding it hard to control the outflow of money from their business.

On the day of Guru Pushya Yoga, the practitioner has to prepare a small cloth bag made from green colored cloth.

Then he has to sit before an image or idol of Shri Ganesha and chant the Ganesh Sankat Nashan Stotra 11 times, this Ganesh Storta can be found – Here.

After this, the Ganesh Bhakt has to put the following items inside the green bag-
Seven Whole Mung Beans [green or golden gram]
10 gram Dhania [coriander seeds]
One Silver Coin
One Panch Mukhi Rudraksha
Two Betel Nuts
Two sticks of Haldi [turmeric]
Then after this, the practitioner has to tie the mouth of the bag with a green colored string.

After this, the practitioner has to offer a Bhog of Modak to the Ganesh Murti or image.

Then finally, the green cloth bag has to be kept as a talisman inside the safe, cash box or cupboard, where cash is stored. This concludes the Totka.

After one year, the practitioner has to repeat the entire procedure on Guru Pushya Yoga and immerse the earlier bag, in a flowing water body.

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