Meanings of Different Hanuman Photos

A Photo or image of Hanuman is present in almost all Hindu households in India. This Photo is considered extremely auspicious, beneficial and is believed to possess protective qualities.  There are certain meanings and qualities attributed to different kinds of Hanuman Photos, in this post; I have given some of the important meaning attached to Hanuman Photos.

1] If possible, place the Hanuman Photo, facing the southern direction, this repulses the negative and harmful energies, which enter the home from the south.

2] A Photo of Hanuman, flying in the skies is said to be excellent, beneficial, and most powerful.

3] A Hanuman Photo, in which Hanuman is displaying feats of strength or physical powers, is said to frighten evil spirits, demons, ghosts and malefic energies and make them uneasy.

4] The Lanka of Ramayana is said to be in the southern direction, the search for Sita, the War of Ramayana and the destruction of Lanka, all happened in the south. Hence, a Wallpaper, Photo, Image or Murti of the Dakshin Mukhi Maruti is believed to be extremely powerful.

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