Mantra to get Jewels in Sleep

This is one of those strange Hindu Mantras, which are believed to make use of unknown powers in the atmosphere to give unknown wealth, through unknown means to the practitioner. This Mantra given by me in this post is said to give gems and jewels to the practitioner every night.  However, it is not possible for me to vouch for its effectiveness.

An Indian Spell to get Jewels in Sleep
Mantra to get Jewels in Sleep
The Siddhi Sadhana to master the mantra has to be done on the banks of the Sea or a River, at night,  by chanting the Mantra daily, until 100,000 chants are reached.

This Tantra says that if the practitioner succeeds in this Sadhana, then every morning, when he wakes up from sleep, he will find three Jewels under his pillow.

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