12 Japa Mantras of Ganesha

In this post, I have complied 12 Japa Mantras, which I think should be useful for the selfless Ganesha Sadhak. The Japa of Ganesha is a kind of mental Upasana for the Sadhak, to remember that his God Ganesha his there with him always.  In this way the spiritual devote is able to connect and be one with Ganesha.

The Ganesha Sadhak can select any one of these 12 Devotional Japa Mantra and chant them anytime during the day or night and be totally immersed in the Mantra. Such Japa Mantras have to be chanted sincerely and without having any expectation of getting anything in return.

All the Mantras contain the names of Ganpati like Gajanana, Moraya, Heramba and Mayureshwara.

Devotional Mantras for the remembrance of Ganesha
12 Japa Mantras of Ganesha

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