Future relations between different Human Species

By now, increasing numbers of ordinary Earth humans had been coming to quietly tolerate moderns being genetically improved beyond old natural human folks. Conservative religious haters of moderns, proclaiming moderns to be evil corruptions violating God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) supposed Divine Perfect Creation of Soulful Humans, (proudly claimed to be greatly Specially Superior above any other life form), had been failing to raise much of the support they desired from the general public, such as to hate uses of genetic improvements for moderns, good for better health or reduced aging.

Many ordinary Earth humans had in fact become rather contented with benefitting from more and more good inventions coming from high orbiting settlers, inventions often improving home living much beyond simply better lawn grasses, even if it became revealed that some moderns had been at least partly involved in several good useful and improved inventions.

In fact, a rising number of Earth humans had been coming to like or even prefer using several superior helpful inventions which smart moderns had become revealed to have participated in conceiving, then improving and refining them, then having had them very safely easily manufactured on Earth at not too high costs. Several such invented products had been nicer tools, appliances, or gadgets, etc. for gaining frequent easier nicer good home living. After all, it had long been true that lots of folks would choose good useful tools, appliances, or gadgets, etc., without caring who might have participated in inventing, or then testing and further improving such decently affordable good products.

Most genetically normal Earth humans had been quietly feeling at least mildly opposed against the occasional murders which some religious conservatives had been promoting against any of the rare few genetics experts found to be devoting any significant R&D (research & development) time to improve beyond old natural human genes, or against any of the resulting rare few moderns discovered on or off Earth. Why hate others simply for having harmless ways to live longer and healthier? Medical science careers had long won wide public approval for successfully developing good even sometimes expensive drugs and ways to let some children &/or their parents nicely live longer and healthier.

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