Religious conservatives inherited virus DNA

Shouldn't it be asked what may have induced some religious conservatives to kill others? Wasn't killing supposed to be one of the 10 top sins, (even if at the same time you are also blasting yourself apart)? But that didn't seem to bother them in the slightest. They felt that blasting others apart, even babies, children & their moms, would be an effective good way to deliver a key strong message, which others would then have to seriously give heed to. Or it would show important hateful revenge against others too openly daring to not agree well with them.

Such killers felt highly opposed against anything which might seem to somehow undermine their core beliefs. Any future genetic revisions allowed for humans, such as to try improving health or slow aging, or simply trying to clean out of our chromosomes some ancient inherited virus DNA fragments, could quietly undermine their proud claim and strong belief, much inflating their conceited egos, as if marvelously having been God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Chosen Special Perfect Intelligently Designed Creations, as if greatly Superior, having Eternal "Souls" totally outside all other Earth life. (They absolutely couldn't tolerate daring to let anything get newly devised which might possibly undermine or weaken their ancient proud and addictive beliefs, so deeply convincing them that only they posessed true full good correctness.)

Violent killings had already become a key way several conservative religious believers fiercely showed off their opposition even sometimes against some other not far different sects claiming to instead be God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) proper best more true correct religious faith. Who in a religious sect wouldn't want to support such a claim of being the best and most correct? We hear reports sometimes even weekly of some violent killings and bombings around the world aimed at supposedly delivering pretended wished messages to others living not fully consistent with the firm proud inherited beliefs of their killers.

Easy to guess what would soon happen if a leader in some major sect announced he'd finally concluded God (Allah, Jahveh) had to actually be just our ancient happy fiction, imagined by aging prehistoric dreamers hopefully craving to wish that instead of soon finally ending totally in death, they might somehow be extra special, far beyond any other animals, to let them most happily proudly hope to posess imagined magical undying Eternal Souls. Who should feel much surprised if some ancient folks might have loved imagining, as if real, such dreamy proud very happy highly ego inflating special Souls doctrines, addictively imagined as if divinely specially made exclusively for us humans?

DNA R&D (research & development) experts working on improvements for human health or reduced aging would become yet another frequent viciously hated target for some religious conservatives. Anyone delaying natural death from diseases or aging could become branded as heartlessly cruelly diabolically delaying the chances of others entering God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) Wonderful Eternal Blessed Heaven with Wonderful Eternal "Souls" totally outside of simpler raw animals.

So if in the future it would become publicly learned that such an R&D expert was succeeding in significantly developing any such human genetic improvements good for others, he might end up being killed before long.

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