Can the mind be controlled by the self?

“The mind is restless, turbulent, adamant and powerful; to attempt to control it is more difficult than trying to control the wind”. Thus speaks Verse 6 – 34 of India’s most sacred religious text the Bhagavad-Gita.

Another verse 6 – 26 “ No matter where the mind wanders due to its alternating and changeable nature; one has to withdraw from whatever it is doing and bring it back under the control of the self”

In verse 6-35 the Supreme Being replies- “The one whose mind is uncontrolled, knowing the true self is very difficult; but the one who strive through proper methods is sure to succeed”

If one tries to understand these verses it becomes clear that even the Supreme Being does not say that the mind can be controlled; he speaks of attempting self control through proper methods.

Hindu cosmology states that existence is an ongoing interplay between the three forces of nature; the creative, the protective and the destructive. The mind is existence; hence it is in a continuous state of fluctuation between the three forces.

Existence and complete and total balance amongst the three forces is ruled out by Hindu cosmology. Complete balance amongst the three forces is “a state of non-existence”. Thus a fully controlled mind is ruled out; for it would be a state of non-existence.

For the mind to exist it has to be in a state of fluctuation. These fluctuations have to be in the control of the self; this is real essence of these verses from the Gita.
Can the mind be under the full control of the self?
Yes to an extent; but not under full and total control.

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