The Robots of the Aliens

If travel to another star is accomplished, such as by aliens coming here by safely shifting a 3D balloon world to here not too fast, what's the difference for ageless advanced passengers inside vs. simply having stayed inside merely orbiting their sun for many millenia?

Why should they care much about what little might possibly be happening outside in frigid cold dark space or passing by their world? The 3D balloon world will keep all happily living well together, likely often sharing in multiple social and other pleasures, no matter where it may be getting shifted to in our galaxy over maybe several centuries.

Those in such a 3D balloon world settlement could also have with them, or genetically produce within the settlement, many interesting home planet life forms. For us, when perhaps advanced age frozen "moderns" reach another star, they could even create natural humans there, and then maybe have new settlements robotically produced there for them to happily expand into if they like. Or there could eventually be a quite different advanced extremely efficient passenger option. Aliens (or we much later) might locally form complex very advanced very adaptable brainy robots into which can be installed full conscious highly educated mental selves! These could be formed with vision, sound, touch, odor sensors etc. of even better more useful sensitivity and resolution than in their creators.

On an interstellar voyage, such robots can be conveniently deactivated. No need then for daily living energy nor any special supplies such as food. Thus their travel vessel can be far smaller than for living voyagers, thus safely at far less risk of colliding with any intervening space junk, while also being much easier to deflect to avoid any detected significant space junk. And such inactive robotic passengers nicely wouldn't be getting bored to death.

Such alien advanced elaborate robots might have been made able to somewhat modify their appearance. Thus when reaching here, they could nicely modify to appear less different from folks they view in our TV broadcasts, maybe ultimately becoming even a bit humorously cute to some of us? Nice!

Quietly secretly orbiting unseen a few years not too near Earth, (maybe even like right now?), they could extensively study education programs being broadcast to help our children learn. Having some TV detecting satellites, also orbiting like them far out from Earth, would let them select from TV broadcasts all around our world. Then they should gradually become able to make enough sense of adult programs to learn our languages far more extensively. And then they could gradually learn lots about our existing societies.

This covers a major problem which has been quietly ignored in past fictions imagined about aliens. With totally different languages (and speech sounds), how could aliens and we possibly communicate with each other? But such advanced adaptable alien robots should be able to suitably modify their speech sounds to quite nicely match how we speak.

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