The Indian way of life

The Old Testament of the Bible has predicted the there are going to be seven major events or signs which are going to occur at almost the same time as humanity approached Armageddon. Most people; even the Biblical scholars have failed to take notice that these events have already taken place or are in the process of being fulfilled.

The first of the seven signs predicted by the Old Testament is “religious deception “or the imposition of “false religions” on the unsuspecting population of the world. This is in my opinion the most disturbing sign; the one which no one has never been interpreted correctly before; simply because they don’t want to see the obvious truth staring in their faces.

Yes! Mankind through the superhuman efforts of some misguided and mentally unbalanced persons has strayed away from the basic religion of humanity. For example Christianity did not as an organized religion exist when the Old Testament was being written. Christianity is the single biggest mutation of the basic religion of humanity.

The human mind is such an organ that it just cannot be confined to a closed space; its basic nature is expansion and evolution. This expansion can be obstructed by putting road blocks like what Christianity has succeeded to a certain extent in doing. This confinement of the human mind to a fixed idea leads to the mutation of the mind and it starts becoming morbid.

Christianity is the first of the organized road blocks which the Old Testament speaks about. Christianity has in turn inspired other organized religions and sects to do their bit in halting the evolving minds of their followers.

The basic religion of humanity is what was and is still pursued by some in India. It can be termed as the Indian or the Hindu way of life. The Indian way of life has never sought to impose restrictions upon the mind and halt its natural progress. The followers of the Indian way of life are free to worship and even create their own individual Gods.

The mind is left to explore and experiment to it liking. This is the only way in which the mind can expand. True like what has been said before by some including Mahatma Gandhi, the basic course of Hinduism is like the river Ganga, pure as its commences its descent from the Himalayas. As it weaves it way through the plains of Northern India it gets polluted and then it once again become pure as it reached its final destination; the merging with ocean.

Again true left to itself the mind will sometime mutate and turn morbid; but it is still in a state of motion. This is certainly preferable to a mind which has come to a standstill. A mind at a standstill can be compared to an intelligent parrot; it keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. This is exactly what the founding fathers of Christianity did and what the current bunch; including the Pope continue to do.

When the Old Testament speaks about “false religions” and “religious deception” little do the leaders of Christianity realize that the Old Testament is speaking about them and some other religions and sects inspired by Christianity.

The Indian way of life is the only course left for humanity to survive and evolve as it comes face to face with the coming Armageddon.

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