Nostradamus prediction of Submarine attack on USA

I have been trying to piece together various Quatrains of Nostradamus to arrive at a likely trigger to the great and much expected world war 3. The interpretations given on this site are unbiased; and given from a neutral point of view.

Naval war and destruction at sea and through the seas is very much expected if one has a look at the numerous Quatrains which this site has interpreted as indicating the violent actions which occur before and after World War 3; described in the section on Nostradamus World War 3.

The Quatrain below is a as clear an indication of a Submarine we can get from Nostradamus visualizing it more than 500 years back in time. The letters are symbolic of the orders received by the commander of the Submarine Squadron.

This Submarine Squadron travel undetected by way of a long voyage to surface near the Latin coast. This Latin coast is not the Italian coast as is widely described for this Quatrain; but the coast of Latin America. This appears to be their mission; to come as near to the USA as possible and then fire their Cruise Missiles.

Yes! this certainly appears to be the Nostradamus prediction of a Submarine attack on the USA. Whether they eventually discharge their payload of nuclear weapons has not been described.

Century 2 - 5.
Quand dans poisson fer & lettre enfermee
Hors sortira qui pis fera la guerre,
Aura par mer sa classe bien ramee
Apparoissant pres de Latine terre.
When the weapons and letters are enclosed in the fish, out comes a man who makes war; his fleet will have voyaged far across the sea to appear near the Latin coast.

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