Nostradamus - power change in 2012

This is a yet to be fulfilled Nostradamus prophecy which is likely to be fulfilled in the near future. I have a feeling that this prophecy will be fulfilled most probably in  2012 or early 2013.

Some eminent commentators have interpreted the word “leading” as “dominant”. However there is a vast difference between the two. Dominant means as the word suggests a powerful ruler. Whereas leading is someone in some sort of  Constitutional position, with some, but no absolute power.

Century 4 - 14.
La mort subiette du premier personnage,
Aura changé & mis vn autre au regne :
Tost, tard venu a si haut & bas aage,
Que terre & mer faudra qu'on le craingne.
Century 4 - 14

The sudden death of the leading personage will create change, and place another to rule.Soon,but but too late come to high position, of low age. By land and sea it will be necessary to fear him.

The successor will as the Nostradamus Quatrain suggests a man of a relatively young age, young in today’s political world could be someone in his forties. Again as Nostradamus suggests this person would have been a behind the scenes power center for a long time; but held no position of authority; that is some sort of constitutional authority.

This person would have waited for a long time to finally get the position of the leading personage. When he finally get it he becomes aggressive; hence one to be feared by everyone; including his opponents. This person would have been pulling the strings, behind the scenes for a long time, he would know that getting power is just a matter of time. He would have all his plans in place when he finally gets power.

One has to watch out for this man of low age,  as Nostradamus describes him as, for this person will cause a lot of grief. Again the country which this power change takes has to be a powerful country; again in today’s times a powerful leader means someone with the nuclear  trigger in his hands.

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