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Nostradamus on sequence of events leading to world war 3

I have been intrigued by the crucial Naval Battle which triggers off World War 3. This is the battle in which a great fleet is destroyed through the use of Nuclear weapons. There are numerous Quatrains which Nostradamus has dedicated to the destruction of a great fleet. This is another one of those World War 3 Nostradamus Quatrains.

Century – 9 - 100.
Naualle pugne nuict sera superée,
Le feu, aux naues à l'Occident ruine :
Rubriche neufue, la grand nef colorée,
Ire à vaincu, & victoire en bruine.

Century 9 - 100
Naval battle night will be overcome, Fire in the ships to the West ruin: New trick, the great ship colored, Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.

In this Quatrain Nostradamus indicates that the attack will be at night. The victory in a drizzle is the “nuclear rain” a fallout of the nuclear blast. This great defeat at sea is probably the Navel defeat of the American led coalition, which I have written about earlier.

The likely sequence of events leading to world war 3 according to the prophecies of Nostradamus would be  assassination or assassinations. The most widely awaited one is that of the person known as Mabus. This Mabus assassination is the one which most expect will trigger off World War 3.

The vengeance which follows this assassination leads to unprecedented destruction; the like of which has never been witnessed ever before. Then follows the destruction of the great naval fleet. This fleet which Nostradamus mentions time and again, will be most likely an occupation force.

The destruction of this fleet; most likely an American led coalition, will remove the stranglehold which the American led coalition have over the world; this removing of this strangle hold “ my way or the highway” opens up multiple power centers or coalitions. This leads to more uncertainty as the control disappears and more destruction and use of weapons of mass destruction.

Again the much awaited World War 3 or the Battle of Armageddon is not likely to be one huge war; but a series of wars. There might not be just two parties or fronts involved; but more; each trying to protect or expand its turf.

But first the MABUS assassination or the assassinations have to come. The great destruction of the Navel fleet will if one goes by Nostradamus will throw everything into disarray.

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