Hinduism on Liberation

These are some very interesting verses from the ancient Hindu scripture the Garuda Purana, composed thousands of years back in time. These verses are descriptive of the evolution of life and the ultimate liberation. I felt that this could be of interest to those having a Spiritual inclination.

There is only one Ever-Existent-Shiva, the Supreme Brahman. He is indivisible, all encompassing, he is in everything.

He is self – illuminated, without a beginning or an end. He is infinite and beyond infinity. He is attribute less and that which has attributes resides in him and is part of him.

The unending process of numerous entities, having been put in numerous bodies, all coming to life and then extinguishing, goes on and on. It is unending.

These entities resemble the numerous sparks of a fire who ignorant of their origin exist enclosed in separate forms.

These entities having gone through this cycle, and having cast aside thousands of bodies, evolve from ignorance to being the knower.

Through millions of births these entities obtain birth as a human being. And come a step closer to being the knower of truth.

Mere knowledge of the scriptures cannot destroy the illusion of change, the same way darkness cannot go away way simply by talking about a lamp.

There those who prefer Non-Duality as a way of life, and there are those who live a Dual existence, both not understanding that which is the only reality which lies beyond the Dual and the Non- Dual.

The two main principles of liberation are ‘Mine’ which is blockage and ‘Not-Mine” which is release.

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