Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra

The Ek Mukhi or single faced Rudraksha is said to be the complete symbol of Shiva. This Rudraksha is considered to be extremely auspicious and pure. This Rudraksha does not have an organic hole. This is a rare Rudraksha and it is believed that even a look at this Rudraksha removes negativity from one’s mental framework.

This Rudraksha is considered to aid in one’s liberation and the erasing of past life Karma. It is said that worshipping this Rudraksha with The Maha-mrityunjaya mantra for one month gives one the ultimate happiness and bliss in life, including health, wealth and fame. This Rudraksha is also beneficial in the raising of the Kundalini Shakti. The energy centers or Chakras are stimulated by this Rudraksha.

The under mentioned Mantra is said to vibrate with the frequency of the Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. Along the same points mentioned in Rudraksha Mantras have to be kept in mind.

Om Aim Hm Aum A Om ll
ॐ ऍ हं औं ए ॐ ll

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  1. Should I wear Ek Mukhi Rudrakhs or worship it by placing it near Shiv ji's Linga or Photo ?
    Actually I am a Shiv Bhaktan and I am already wearing a Ek mukhi rudrakhs . I do daily prayers to Lord Shiva. It ok or Am I doing anything wrong ?

    1. No; that is all right; you can place it before the Linga or Image.

  2. Om Sai Ram Neel ji.
    My name is Manoj i live in West Africa. By God's Grace i received a Rudrakhsha ek mukhi Gol dana by a bit biger in size then usual rudraksha. Please would like you to guide me through.
    I will realy be greatful sir.

    Best regards

  3. Jay Shree Ram!! please tell me which mantra should be used to energize Vaijanti mala and how many times?

  4. Hai, Is it ok if i wear Ekh mukhi Rudraksha around Neck ? i heard lots of myth about this bead.some said that if a person weared ekh mukhi, such person will leave from home .. he is always like to be alone .. kindly reply. Thankyou

    1. I have seen many persons wear this Rudraksha around the neck and I do not subscribe to these myths.


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