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Shri Ganesh Abhang - 2

Ganesha Worship consists of devotional compositions in the Marathi language, known as Abhangs.These Abhangs or Prarthanas were prayers composed by realized saints of the middle ages from Maharashtra. The language used is the old Marathi script which is not spoken anymore.

This here is a beautifully composed Abhang with a profound meaning. In this particular Abhang the worshipper is only asking to be one with his lord. The worshipper does not ask for any material gains, he only wants Ganesha to guide and be with him during his journey through life. He has surrendered completely his entire life to Ganesha and wants nothing more than the blessing of Ganesha and the ultimate liberation in life and freedom from the unending cycle of birth and death.

Shri Ganesh Abhang
English Translation
Tuj magto mi ata l Maj dhave ekdanta ll
Tujhe thayi majhi bhakti l Virudhavi ganpati ll
Tujhe thavi jyachi preeti l Tyachi ghadavi sangti ll
Dharnidhara ese dhave l Sarvomurti leen vhave ll
Tuj sharan sharan l Alo patit mi jaan ll
Tujha apradhi mi khara l Ahe eshuchapadhara ll
Majhi yeu de karuna l Tujlagi gajanana ll
Naam ghyare moryache tari sarthak jeevache ll
Kaliyugi naamavin l Anya upaya nase jaan ll
Name bahut tarle l Pun:janmasi na ale ll
Dharnidhara maj dhave l Nitya naamachi vadvaave ll

श्री गणेश अभंग
तुज मागतों मीं आतां l मज धावें एकदंता ll
तुझें ठायीं माझी भक्ति l विरुढावी गणपति ll
तुझें ठायीं ज्याचि प्रीति l त्याची घडावी संगति ll
धरणीधरा ऐसें धावें l सर्वोमूर्ती लीन व्हावे ll
तुज शरण शरण l आलो पतित मी जाण ll
तुझा अपराधी मी खरा l आहे इक्षुचापधरा ll
माझी य़ेऊं दे करुणा l तुजलागी गजानना ll
नाम घ्यारे मोरयाचें तरी सार्थक जीवाचें ll
कलीयुगी नामाविण l अन्य उपाय नसे जाण ll
नामें वहुत तरले l पुन:जन्मासी न आले ll
धरणीधरा मज धावें l नित्य नामाचि वदवावें ll

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