Wikileaks affecting Indian Stock Markets

The recent speculation if Wikileaks exposes Indian accounts in Swiss Banks has led to intense activity amongst the black money launderers and the Indian looters. There have been reports that the loot stashed away in the ‘safe havens’ like the Swiss Banks is being rapidly withdrawn and diverted to undisclosed destinations. The Swiss Banks on their part are desperate to retain these free funds at their disposal.

Such intense financial activity is sure not to go unnoticed, especially amongst the Global intelligence community. This is a golden opportunity to nail the looters. I wonder amidst all this activity what the Indian Government is doing. Looking at their track record almost certainly nothing, but probably planning some sort of cover-up if the shit hits the fan. Planning a Investigation or cover-up.

What most Indians and not just the poor ones have to remember that this looting has severely affected their lives. This is true of the upper middle classes and the upwardly mobile. Their looted money was taken out of the country through ‘Hawala’ and then some of it was rerouted back to India through ‘Derivative Instruments’ like ‘Participatory notes’. The post liberalization period after 1992 saw the entry of FII’s [foreign institutional investors] who were permitted by the Indian capital market regulator to register and trade in Indian securities. These FII’s are just another channel for reinvesting looted funds through ‘Participatory Notes’ where the end investor remains anonymous.

The influx of these FII’s has over the past few years pushed the Indian stock market to new highs. A lot of money is being generated through the stock market, as the FII’s invest heavily in selective stocks. The smart trader has made a fortune just by following the trends; the guys who suffer are the small investors, who see their investments shrinking day by day. It is the upwardly mobile Indian who is the end looser.

The rise in stock prices always witness a corresponding rise in the Realty Market as this is where a part of the profits flows. This has again given rise to unjustifiable prices of homes. The end effect, the dream of every Indian of owning a house is going further and further away as the money makers have and are still investing in property.

Again, a rise in stock prices witnesses a rise in the prices of gold and silver. India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Almost every Indian needs to purchase gold as it is an integral part and parcel of the Indian tradition, and is given to the daughter at the time of her marriage. Thus, the high price of gold has affected almost every middle and upper middle class household in the country.

Over the past couple of months and more particularly this year, we are witnessing a fall in the stock prices as the FII’s funds are drying up. The looters have sensed that disclosures might come any day and are in the process of finding new regions and areas to invest the looted funds. Again, I must add that such large scale realignment cannot go unnoticed, but what can one expect of the Indian Government.

There is a lot of poison in the Indian stock market and it appears to be a contaminated place to be in. Apart from the looters, it is only the smart guys who are making money. The least the Government of Indian can do is let the stock markets come back to their natural and justifiable level, and not force the public sector undertakings to invest the public funds to stop the fall as it always does. At least this will remove some of the poison from the system. The smart guys have made enough money, they should be satisfied with the fortunes they have made.

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  1. Who are the looters? Of course, government won't do anything about it because they are the one who's looting us. :(

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