Bad Karma of the Swiss

Switzerland known better for it Swiss Banks is a nation which has accumulated ton and tons of bad Karma. This bad Karma falls in the Dhruda Karma category, which means that one has committed an inexcusable mistake or crime in the previous birth, like murder, denying food and shelter to ones old and helpless parents, cheating ones minor siblings during partition, denying wages to the poor and helpless servants, cheating, ingratitude etc.

Hindu texts preach that the no action how so ever insignificant it may seem goes without an equal and opposite reaction. The laws of Karma include both the action and the result governed by the irresistible law of ‘causation’. It continues till the action is balanced by the reaction and carries over to future births till it is balanced.

The Swiss governments have over a period of time hiding behind Swiss Banking Act of 1934 and its predecessors actively abetted a whole variety of illegal activities. These include blood money, loot, tax frauds and terrorist fund to name a few. The entire attitude in one sentence can be described as ‘you can do whatever you want murder, loot, it doesn’t bother me as long as I get fat and rich ‘

According to estimates by a section of the Media the illegal accounts of top Indian politicians, industrialists and corrupt government employees in Swiss Banks stands at $1456 billion, an amount which is more than 13 times the Indian foreign debt. This figure is more than the total amount of illegal funds of the rest of the world in Swiss Banks.

A major chunk of the funds looted from countries like India find their way into the Swiss Banks. This looted money is the main cause of hunger deaths, suicides and a vast multitude of people desperately trying to make two ends meet. Thus, the main allies and partners in crime of the looters are the Swiss, who are directly responsible for countless murders.

This accumulated bad Dhruda Karma of the Swiss, in the coming days is going to be balanced by a strong counter reaction. The laws of Karma state that every action will have an equal and opposite reaction. This counter reaction is likely to be in the form of strong natural disasters and probably even destruction due to war

My advice to the Swiss is that they can lessen the impact of the strong reaction coming their way by undoing the wrongs and repenting for their crimes. Doing this will lessen the impact which is unavoidable.


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