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Narasimha is the fourth amongst the Dashavatars of Vishnu. He is portrayed as a having a body of a half man and half lion. Vishnu manifested as Narasimha in order to destroy the Demon King Hiranyakashipu.

Hiranyakashipu had become invincible by virtue of a boon which he had received from Brahma, due to which he could not be killed by any living being in existence, he could not be killed either during the day or night, nor by any weapon, nor on the ground or the sky, nor indoors or outdoors. By virtue of this boon he became invincible and performed a great number of misdeeds,had become arrogant and had saw himself as being God.

Hiranyakashipu was angered by his son Prahlad’s devotion towards Vishnu, and he had tried to kill him on numerous occasions, but every time he was saved by Vishnu. Ultimately Hiranyakashipu become so angry that he asked Prahlad to show him where his God was.Prahlad replied that he exists everywhere in the Universe even in the pillars. The angry Hiranyakashipu then smashed a pillar with his mace, and out of the mace appeared Vishnu as Narasimha.

Narasimha Avatar image in 3D

Narasimha was neither man, God or animal, he was neither like any creature in existence. The time when he appeared was twilight [neither day nor night]. The place where he appeared was the courtyard [neither indoors nor outdoors]. He lifted Hiranyakashipu and placed him on his lap [neither on the ground or sky] and killed him with claws [not a weapon].

This is an Aarti recited in praise of Narasimha which I have translated into English.

नरसिंह आरती हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश
Narasimha Aarti Hindi and English Text

Narasimha Aarti
English Translation
Om jay narsinh hare,prabhu jay narsinh hare l
Stambh faad prabhu prakate, stambh faad prabhu prakate,janka taap hare l
Om jay narsinh hare ll 1 ll
Tum ho din dayala,bhaktan hitkari,prabhu bhaktan hitkari l
Adbhut roop banakar,adbhut roop banakar,prakate bhay haari l
Om jay narsinh hare ll 2 ll
Sabke hruday vidaran,dusyu jiyo mari,prabhu dusyu jiyo mari l
Das jaan aapnayo,das jaan aapnayo,janpar krupa kari l
Om jay narsinh hare ll 3 ll
Brahma karat aarti,mala pahinave,prabhu mala pahinave l
Shivji jay jay kahakar pushpan barsave l
Om jay narsinh hare ll 4 ll

आरती नरसिंह की
ॐ जय नरसिंह हरे,प्रभु जय नरसिंह हरे l
lस्तंभ फाड़ प्रभु प्रकटे,स्तंभ फाड़ प्रभु प्रकटे जनका ताप हरे l
ॐ जय नरसिंह हरे ll १ ll
तुम हो दिन दयाला,भक्तन हितकारी,प्रभु भक्तन हितकारी l
अद्भुत रूप बनाकर, अद्भुत रूप बनाकर, प्रकटे भय हारी l
ॐ जय नरसिंह हरे ll २ ll
सबके ह्रदय विदारण,दुस्यु जियो मारी,प्रभु दुस्यु जियो मारी l
दास जान आपनायो, दास जान आपनायो,जनपर कृपा करी l
ॐ जय नरसिंह हरे ll ३ ll
ब्रह्मा करत आरती,माला पहिनावे,प्रभु माला पहिनावे l
शिवजी जय जय कहकर पुष्पन बरसावे l
ॐ जय नरसिंह हरे ll ४ ll

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