Commonwealth Games 2010 Loot Cover Up Begins

The token drama of inquiring into the Commonwealth Games 2010 loot has commenced a couple of days back. The Income Tax authorities on Tuesday raided a total of 23 premises. These raids came months after the loot scam broke out, giving the looters ample time to cover their tracks. What the end result of this exercise is going to net, only the raiders and Commonwealth Games 2010 Looters know.

The most suspicious and mystifying thing is that the Indian Union Government has till date not presented a detailed budget of the Commonwealth Games expenditure. The Urban Development Minister Jaipal Reddy had stated a couple of months back that a total of Rs 28,054 crore have been spent on the games out of which Rs 16,560 crore was spent on infrastructure in Delhi.

Most agencies and commentators estimate the total cost at around rupees 70,000 crores.However one expert on a TV channel estimates that the total cost was 101700 crore rupees. Why doesn’t the Union Government at least present a certified detailed break up cost report, these things are readily available. What and whom are the Prime Minister and his senior colleagues afraid of?

The budget of the fall guy Suresh Kalmadi on whom the focus has been ever since the loot scam broke out was only according to him approximately rupees 1600 crores. This figure is I think probably correct as most commentators and experts agree on this. Now what about the rest of the 70,000 or 101700 crores.

Another mysterious thing is what was the actual estimate for the Games, when India first got the go head; some say it was 1899 crores, others 8000 crores. After the initial estimate, the rest of the amount supposedly spent was cost escalation due to inflation and other factors. Do they expect anyone to believe this? This probably is the reason why they are not divulging what the actual cost for hosting the Games really was.

The masterminds know that no one is going to believe that Kalmadi was the top guy, so one more name is making the rounds and is currently upstaging Kalmadi, that of the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheela Dikshit. The looters are preparing to sacrifice Dikshit. Their agents in the Indian Media have now launched an exercise at elevating Dikshit as the main looter.

I would like to ask these agents of the looters does Sheela Dikshit or for that matter the Sad Sack Kalmadi have the authority to sanction and spend thousands of crores of the nations resources. Such sanctions can only be made by the Prime Minister’s office and the Union Group of Ministers. I am not implying that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is involved; he appears to be nice senior citizen. If he is not involved then who are the people who are stripping the nation of its wealth. If Manmohan Singh is not involved, what and whom is he afraid of?

Again, the nation needs to know who the real masterminds of the Commonwealth loot and all the other loot happening in this country really are. The investigations and probes are not going to arrive at the real looters; the simple reason is because the looters control them the same way as they control everything.

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  1. Let us wait for the findings and be ready for the shock of our life time.

  2. That was a bold and accurate description of the whole scam. As you say Kalmadi is a very small cog in the entire wheel but as happens, it is usually the small fish that gets caught. contrary to your view, I feel that Sheila Dixit will not be caught :)


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