Commonwealth loot cover up ?

The last couple of days one sees a massive cover up operation by the Commonwealth Games 2010 looters. Suresh Kalmadi the pawn of the looters has finally owned up to full responsibility for the Commonwealth hole which the looters have dug up for the nation. With black soot being rubbed on the face of the country on a daily basis by all and sundry, the looters are left with no other option.

This was the same Kalmadi who has repeatedly hinted on news channels that he had no authority to sanction even a single paisa. One thinks that Kalmadi has been given some sort of deal to volunteer as the scapegoat by the looters. One needs only

To rewind those tapes to know what was said by whom and when.

A large section of the media is concentrating entirely on Kalmadi, so as to convince the public that the Commonwealth looters were only Kalmadi and his cronies. Certain senior members of the Congress Party are seen appearing on News channels criticizing Kalmadi and the so-called organizers. The entire thing appears to be a well-orchestrated campaign by this large section of the media under orders from the looters, to take the heat away from the real looters.

Another remarkable thing, which makes one even more suspicious, is the muted response to the loot by the opposition parties. The principle opposition party the BJP, which has the numbers to take on the looters is probably the most muted, except for token protests, nothing at all. Most probably, they have been offered a deal by the looters, which they cannot refuse. The other parties also might be waiting for a deal, that is if they have not already got one.

After the games, most probably, some sort of commission will be set up and one can expect the verdict after ten years, when this looting incident would have been erased from the public memory.

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