Strange case of Non-Duality

About 5 years back I came across a strange case of suicide, which I have diagnosed as a case of unintentional Non-Duality. This is a strange case where the person in question achieved the Non-Dual state without trying or aspiring to achieve it. The elusive state of Non-Dual existence comes on its own accord.

The person in question was a young man of about 22 years. This person was average in studies and almost everything he did, an average person. with average wants and ambitions This young man was studying to be an Engineer. On the financial front, he had no worries, as he was the only son of a well to do couple, with money to spare and lots of property. Having known this family for a long time, what I saw was an average son without any worries. The father was going to start a business for him soon.

This was the reason I was surprised when all of a sudden this person committed suicide. Another noticeable thing, which I came across when I first saw the dead body, was the calm and peaceful face of the dead man. This got me thinking, as to what might have gone wrong. As regards the suicide, I learnt from the relatives that on the morning of the suicide he had a bath early in the morning, did his prayers, lit a Diya, and after completing his prayers, touched the feet of his mother. After doing this, he went into his room and hung himself from the ceiling fan. The mother in the other room did not hear any sounds; he did not struggle as he was hanging. Everything was calm and quite.

The parents were confused trying to figure out why their son had committed suicide. They inquired everywhere but found no reason. This looked like an obvious case of suicide without any reason. This person had according to his parents shown no symptoms, which indicated that he, had some sort of depression or physiological disorder.

When I went to visit them after some days, on inquiring about any strange behavior from their late son, just prior to his suicide, what they told me was surprising. About 15 day before his suicide, the boy had got into the habit of watching television until late into the night. He only watched live News and Current Affairs programmes. Before that he had shown no interest or inclination for any News and Current Affairs programmes, he was not interested. This sudden interest was ever the more surprising.

The next day the boy used to tell his parents jokingly that such and such incident appearing on the news happened as a result of his intervention. This behavioral pattern went on almost till the time of his suicide. The parents gave no second thought to this as they thought that their son was joking. In the Non – Dual state everything become one, and one can experience and influence events happening in oneself

It appears that this young man unintentionally somehow managed to reach that elusive state of Non – Duality. He did not fully understand what he had managed to achieve. The bliss and power, which he felt in the Non- Dual sate, which only those who have achieved it can describe, was such that he must have felt severely restricted in the ordinary state. He was just not prepared for it.

This could be a case where in his Past Life reincarnation this boy had through his efforts come close to achieving the state of Non – Duality. All that he required in this life was a slight push, which came on its own.

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  1. If he had understood that he had reached the state that most people trying to, he would have lived some-more years and waited till the dead occurs on its own. Now I wonder, if he have to reborn again to finish his karma ? or he just went beyond the law of karma and reincarnation even though he doesn't know that he attained non-duality?


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