How to overcome fear

Fear is an inherent inbuilt mechanism present in the mental framework of each and every being. It has been inherited by us from our evolution process from ape like beings to the thinking being, which we are today or as Homo sapiens. Fear is an integral part and parcel of our evolution process and will continue to remain with mankind as mankind evolves further into successive species in the future. Remember that man is not the ultimate species, but is somewhere in between in the evolution cycle.

To overcome fear one has first and foremost try to understand what fear really is and what it means and what are its implications. Like I have said that fear is what we have inherited from our evolution process. It is nothing but the inbuilt survival mechanism, which is present in each and every being; it can also be called as self-preservation mechanism, which is universal in all living organisms.

Every living organism is territorial in nature. By territorial, I mean that every organism has its own comfort zone or individual space, which it sees as it own domain. When one perceives that one’s comfort zone is being violated, then the inherent survival instinct surfaces. A chain reaction then occurs in our mind and thoughts as to the various implications and probabilities of this violation of our comfort zone or personal space.

To further understand fear in the spiritual sense, I would like you to take a look at the quote of the great poet, novelist, musician, painter and playwright Rabindranath Tagore. “Fear assumes unlimited dimensions in the dark, because it is the shadow of the self which has lost its foothold in the all; the self which is a doubter, an unbeliever, which puts its emphasis upon negation, exaggerating detached facts into fearful distortions. In the light we find the harmony of things and know that our world is great and therefore we are great; we know that, with more and more extensive realization of truth, conflicts will vanish, for existence itself is harmony”

To fully understand this quote of Tagore one has to understand the concept of Non-Duality. Each entity in this Universe lives a separate existence yet the very nature of God is non-dual. Each and every entity is trying to preserve its own individual space and in preserving this space analyses the probable threats to the disintegration of this individuality. The response to these probable threats to ones individual existence is what fear really is.

One must also fully understand that it is some sort of fear, which prevents man from really coming close to God or to attain that elusive state of non-dual existence. Fear is that stumbling block which hinders the natural evolution process of man.

Fear is at its very root the fear of the unknown. The fear of what lies ahead. The fear of the next step in the evolution process of mankind. This is the fountain from which all other secondary fears which one experiences and lives each and every day of one life stems from.

To overcome fear one must not really try to fight fear or try to forget it. If one tries to do this, the fear takes a stronger hold over your mind. One must meet ones fears headlong. One must understand where this fear is originating. One must then go to that originating point and try to understand why one has become fearful. When one reaches that point of origin than one finds that one’s fears are baseless.

Finally try to remember that the key to overcoming any type of fear is to understand and know what is really meant by the term fear.


  1. Overcoming fear is practically everything. Then one can live a free and happy life.


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