The Dance of Creation

The Rhythmic dance of Creation, the dance of the Atoms and Molecules or the Sub-Atomic particles or as the Hindus describe it as the dance of Nataraja or Shiva is very much for real. It is this Rhythmic dance which rules and shapes our life. There is no such thing as chance, the attraction of the positive and the negative is very much part and parcel of this mysterious Rhythmic dance. In fact it is the Rhythmic dance itself.

Nothing in our lives happens by what most people call chance. There is no such thing as chance. It is the pre-meditated attraction of two or more particles to bring about a cause of action. The attraction between lovers or the enmity between two or more people is nothing but part of the dance between the particles, this is the ongoing and continuous dance going on in the Universe which we do not see.

Rabindranath Tagore has described the two poles of creation in these quotes taken from his book Sadhana -The Realisation of Life.Tagore explains that the negative and positive are but the two faces of God or creation. It is not possible for one to exist without the other. Everything in existence has its equal and opposite side. It is not possible for one to exist without the other.

Cosmic Dance of Creation
Dance of Creation

“We have what we call in Sanskrit dvandva, a series of opposites in creation; such as, the positive pole and the negative, the centripetal force and the centrifugal, attraction and repulsion. These are also mere names, they are no explanations. They are only different ways of asserting that the world in its essence is a reconciliation of pairs of opposing forces. These forces, like the left and the right hands of the creator, are acting in absolute harmony, yet acting from opposite directions.”

“There is a bond of harmony between our two eyes, which makes them act in unison. Likewise there is an unbreakable continuity of relation in the physical world between heat and cold, light and darkness, motion and rest, as between the bass and treble notes of a piano. That is why these opposites do not bring confusion in the universe, but harmony.”

“If creation were but a chaos, we should have to imagine the two opposing principles as trying to get the better of each other. But the universe is not under martial law, arbitrary and provisional. Here we find no force which can run amok, or go on indefinitely in its wild road, like an exiled outlaw, breaking all harmony with its surroundings; each force, on the contrary, has to come back in a curved line to its equilibrium. Waves rise, each to its individual height in a seeming attitude of unrelenting competition, but only up to a certain point; and thus we know of the great repose of the sea to which they are all related, and to which they must all return in a rhythm which is marvelously beautiful.”

“In fact, these undulations and vibrations, these risings and falling s, are not due to the erratic contortions of disparate bodies, they are a rhythmic dance. Rhythm never can be born of the haphazard struggle of combat. Its underlying principle must be unity, not opposition.”

“This principle of unity is the mystery of all mysteries. The existence of a duality at once raises a question in our minds, and we seek its solution in the One. When at last we find a relation between these two, and thereby see them as one in essence, we feel that we have come to the truth. And then we give utterance to this most startling of all paradoxes, that the One appears as many, that the appearance is the opposite of truth and yet is inseparably related to it.”

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