Mantra for Ear and Teeth Problems

These are Shaabri Mantras for Teeth and Ear related illnesses. The language used is old Marathi. I have tried to translate as best as I could.

Mantra for Teeth Pain
This mantra to be recited three times in the morning, the pain in the teeth will come down considerably.
Aag bandho agayia baitaal bandho sokhaal vikaral bandho so loha bandho vajar as hoya vajjrdhan daat piraya to Mahedev ki aan ll
आग बांधो आगिया बैताल बांधो सोखाल विकराल बांधो सो लोहा बांधो वजर अस होय वज्र्रधन दात पिराय तो महादेव की आन ll

Mantra for Ear Problems
This mantra has to be recited seven times with the sacred ash in your hands; all troubles related to the ears will come down considerably.
Banra gathi banri to dhaant Hanuman kanth bilaari vaghani thanaili karmamul jayee Shri Ramchandra baani jalpath hoyee ll
बनरा गाठि बनरी तो ढांट हनुमान कंठ बिलारी वाघिनी थनैली कर्ममूल जाई श्रीरामचंद्र बानी जलपथ होई ll

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  1. Thank you so much!!!!! My left ear has been giving me problems since I had an ear/sinus infection 6 months ago. My left ear has been hurting and my hearing has been impaired ever since. After reciting the mantra for only a few days so far, my ear feels like it is getting better.
    Inderjit Gill
    Vancouver, Canada

  2. sir pranam,
    please advice my mother is having problems with her ears, (i) whether there is any specific time to recite this mantra,(ii)what is to be done with the ash after reciting the mantra (iii)the mantra is to be recited only 7 times in one day or it can be continued in the following days also ?

    1. The Mantra is to be chanted only 7 times once; the sacred ash can be then immersed in any water body; lake, well, river etc.

    2. Sir.... Thanks a lot for your reply... but by mistake,my mother has been reciting the mantra daily .... any remedy for that.... I will tell her to stop it from tomorrow, but how to rectify the mistake which she has committed by reciting it daily since sept.14th

    3. There is no mistake; if she is feeling relief let her continue.

  3. hi neel ji,question for the ear mantra what is sacred ash and where do I get that?plese help

  4. hi sir plz tell me about sacred ash,where do i found sacred ash?

  5. The Sacred ash can be the ash fallen from Agarbattis in a temple or the Pooja Place in your home.

  6. hi sir pranam,
    i am 28 yr old, i have done this but no improvement,please help me for cure my deafness,i have lost my hearing by illness and some drug reaction since 8 year of age not by birth,please suggest me any treatment for improve my hearing,currently i am using hearing aid i am very depressed not getting employment due to my hearing problem.........waiting for reply my email id is

    1. You could try some other mantras, including any Shiva Mantra for this problem.

    2. which shiva mantra give me in

    3. In my opinion you could try this healing mantra

  7. Sir I dnt have any sacred ash .y becoz im in uae now .my ear is paining frm 1month .I can do chant dis only.what to do tell me sir

  8. Hello Sir,

    My Child is 6 years old and suffering from the 80% hearing loss.Please guide

    1. You can try this mantra on your child-

  9. Hello,

    Since the last 46 day, I have been suffering from Eustachian Tube blockage due to a bout of rhinitis in the right nostril. Although over time, the left E-tube has become normal, the right E-tube still bothers, especially in evenings. Please, will chanting of this mantra cure the right E-tube problem?

    Hoping for a miracle,

  10. is there any mantra for infant baby..She is facing hearing loss due to medicines and she is only 6 months old

    1. You can try this Healing Mantra -
      for all health issues, including those related to infants, along with the on-going prescribed medical treatment.


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