The real meaning of Om

Om also spelled as Aum and ॐ in Sanskrit is the word with which almost all Hindu Mantras and prayers begin with. Om has been described in various Hindu religious texts like the Upanishads and the Vedas, and also by most religious sects within Hinduism and its offshoots. Om more often than not is associated with sound and vibrations, this is a very narrow definition of Om for everything in existence is Om, so are we. We live inside Om and Om lives inside us.

However, the true power and origin of Om still remains a mystery to most people. One takes the word Om for granted not knowing what it really means. Om is the elusive God particle, which scientists are trying to discover so desperately. Om is that minuscule particle from which all of creation emerged. It is thus in the scientific sense as well, the beginning of the Universe. Om is the real name of what science calls the God particle.

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Real Om

Om is independent of time and space; it is the Ever-Existent time and space is also the creation of Om. Om is the Brahman who has been described in the Hindu religious texts time and again. All of creation, which humans see, is Maya or illusion. It is the illusion created by Om or the God Particle. When we sleep, we dream and this dream state is part of the overall bigger dream state, which we experience in the waking state. The dreams, which we see in the sleeping state, are dreams within dreams. Life is one big dream or illusion.

Now the question arises how to discover the God particle or Om. Om can certainly be found not through the Large Hydron Collider, but through absolute silence. It is only when there is an absolute silence of the mind devoid of thoughts, emotions and sensations that the dream state evaporates and one comes face to face with reality or Om or the God particle. It is in this state that one becomes one with the God particle.

Scientists and explores of the unknown would be well advised to study and explore their own minds, rather than being totally dependent on scientific experiments. The study of the mind is the gateway to discovering the unknown or God. Mere formulas will just remain that; you won’t get closer to the God particle by studying formulas, as the true nature of God is unimaginable and too vast for puny formulas to fathom.

The big bang can be recreated and experienced only in the mind, in a state of absolute silence. The dream disappears and the truth emerges. The real purpose behind meditation is to attain that state of natural silence when the mind become absolutely still, it is only in this state that the individual mind experiences the big bang and becomes one with Om-the God particle.

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