Karma has been a part and parcel of Hindu scriptures and texts since time immemorial. Ancient Hindus believed in the consequences of Karma and the resulting CHAIN REACTION OF KARMA. This chain reaction is said to carry on after death and continue into the next birth/births. This is an endless cycle and will continue till the consequences of the previous Karma are erased completely.

According to ancient Hindu texts Karma can be broadly divided into three types or categories-
1. Dhruda Karma
2. Dhruda Adhruda Karma
3. Adhruda Karma
Dhruda Karma means that one has committed an inexcusable mistake or crime in the previous birth, like murder, denying food and shelter to ones old and helpless parents, cheating ones minor siblings during partition, denying wages to the poor and helpless servants, cheating, ingratitude etc.

The above types of bad Karma cannot be erased completely by doing any amount of Shanti; however, it may be slightly reduced by doing Shanti. Those persons with Dhruda Karma will have to accept the punishment, undergo the trial and patiently endure the penalty.

Dhruda Ahruda Karma means that one has committed excusable mistakes in the previous birth. It is just like an ignorant person purchasing a ticket to Mumbai and getting into the train going to Delhi. The ticket collector finds out the mistake and points it out to him. The passenger pleads ignorance and asks for forgiveness, The Ticket collector then lets him go without any punishment. In such cases, the crime committed is simple hence; it may be excused by simply asking for forgiveness from the heart. Such types of Karmas are not carried over to future births if repentance is done in the present birth.

The third type of Karma is called Adhruda Karma. In this type of Karma, the crime committed is negligible. It is like one feels hungry, and spots a tree bearing mangoes and goes near the tree with the intention of removing a mango. Then one spots the owner of the tree watching him and moves away without removing the mango. The effect of such Karma are negligible and not carried over to the next birth.

Hindu texts preach that the no action how so ever insignificant it may seem goes without an equal and opposite reaction. The laws of Karma include both the action and the result governed by the irresistible law of ‘causation’. It continues till the action is balanced by the reaction and carries over to future births till it is balanced.

The Hindu Universal prayer is useful in reducing the ill effects of bad Karma
May good befall all,
May there be peace for all
May all be fit for perfection,
May all experience that which is auspicious
Om, May all be happy. May all be healthy.
May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer

This is another powerful Hindu peace prayer.
May both of us be protected together.
May both of us be nourished together.
May both of us work together with great vigor.
May both of us study be enlightening
May no obstacle arise between the two of us.
Aum peace, peace, peace.

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  1. hie sir;

    My name is sowmya.From childhood I am facing a low height problem.I never did any harm to others ,neither my father nor my mother is short ,don't know why i am like that ,I strongly believe that it is my Karma .I did many prayers ,God always responds to all kinds of my problems except for this ,so i regret myself for my karma ,i also pleaded several times to forgive me ,but there is no response ,i did not grow tall .Can you please suggest me ways to remove my karma.

    1. In my opinion, you should forget about your short height as there and get on with life as you can do nothing about it and do good Karama.


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