Black holes have been described in the ancient Hindu Scriptures, these Scriptures date back thousands of years in time and the exact origin and dating and authors of these Scriptures cannot be traced. The contents of these Scriptures are applicable even today, and not time bound like that of the Scriptures of manmade religions.

In HINDU COSMOLOGY, the cycle of creation is of 100 Brahma years at the end of which Brahma perishes and is regenerated. Brahma’s entire life equals 311 trillion, 40 billion years. Once Brahma dies, there is an equal period of unmanifestation for 311 trillion, 40 billion years, until the next Brahma is created.

Brahma in Hinduism is the Creative aspect of the ultimate Universal energy. At the end of this period of 311 trillion and 40 billion years, which is 100 Brahma years, the whole of creation perishes and is sucked into the omnipresent all encompassing black hole. Thereafter there is an equal period of 311 trillion and 40 billion years of no creation, after which creation again starts appearing. In between the lifetime of Brahma are described various cycles of creation and destruction, in these cycles other smaller black holes come into play.

Black Hole 3D
The unending cycle of creation and destruction can be seen by the numerous black holes sucking in solar systems and galaxies, this is a continuous process going on in space, and science has recorded some of it. However, science is never ever going to come anywhere near recording the omnipresent all encompassing black hole. This event is nowhere in the FUTURE OF THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER.

The large Hadron collider and its successors after creating the Big Bang experiment will succeed in creating minuscule black holes, studying these black holes may give one a glimpse into creation and the composition of black holes. Science speaks of super massive black holes, however such super massive black holes are only microscopic fragments of the omnipresent all encompassing black hole.

This omnipresent all encompassing black hole, which can be called Kaal or time is at work continuously in the Universe. What we have so far succeeded in, is measuring it by way of what we call time. Other than this nothing much, but theories and still more theories are what is known of it. It will remain that way even after a lot more is known about it in the future.

What science and the large Hadron Collider and it successors should really focus on is how time works. The study should focus on the study of human being and other living organisms by observing them and what happens after they perish. After the destruction of life forms what happens to the energy, which powers them. This energy is sucked into the omnipresent all encompassing black hole.

The study of what happens after death is shrouded in superstition and the morbid teachings of manmade religion. Hence, this subject is taboo for most scientists, as they look into other sources for the study of creation and existence. This mental block or mindset has to change, if they really want to come closer to discovering the mystery of creation.

A living being has to undergo all the aspects of space and time, what is needed is the discovery of sophisticated equipment to study and record the journey of the life force present in all living organisms, after the destruction of that organism. By doing so there is a chance of recording its entry into the omnipresent all encompassing black hole.

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