These two poems of Kabir translated in English by the by the great poet, novelist, musician, and playwright, Rabindranath Tagore, gives a glimpse into the period of no-creation and the beginning of creation.

The poems are easy to understand, as is the case with most of Kabir’s poems. Kabir who was a realized soul and hence fully aware in the true sense of the word, was able to transcend time and space and have a look at no-creation and the beginning of creation.

Yet Kabir say that the ultimate creator remains unknown, one can see, hear, and feel him yet no one can know him, he is beyond knowing.

Creation No-Creation Artwork Image in 3D
Creation No-Creation Art
In the beginning was He alone, sufficient unto Himself: the formless, colorless, and unconditioned Being.
Then was there neither beginning, middle, nor end;
Then were no eyes, no darkness, no light;
Then were no ground, air, nor sky; no fire, water, nor earth; no rivers like the Ganges and the Jumna, no seas, oceans, and waves.
Then was neither vice nor virtue; scriptures there were not, as the Vedas and Puranas, nor as the Koran.
Kabîr ponders in his mind and says, "Then was there no activity: the Supreme Being remained merged in the unknown depths of His own self."
The Guru neither eats nor drinks, neither lives nor dies:
Neither has He form, line, color nor vesture.
He who has neither caste nor clan nor anything else--how may I describe His glory?
He has neither form nor formlessness,
He has no name,
He has neither color nor colorlessness,
He has no dwelling-place.

Kabir ponders and says: "He who has neither caste nor country, who is formless and without quality, fills all space."
The Creator brought into being the Game of Joy: and from the word Om, the Creation sprang.
The earth is His joy; His joy is the sky;
His joy is the flashing of the sun and the moon;
His joy is the beginning, the middle, and the end;
His joy is eyes, darkness, and light.
Oceans and waves are His joy: His joy the Sarasvati, the Jumna, and the Ganges.
The Guru is One: and life and death. union and separation, are all His plays of joy!
His play the land and water, the whole universe!
His play the earth and the sky!
In play is the Creation spread out, in play it is established. The whole world, says Kabîr, rests in His play, yet still the Player remains unknown.

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