Rig Veda Mantra for Serious Illness

This verse from the Rig Veda is used in creating and infusing a special health talisman, which is believed to give relief to someone suffering from a serious illness.  The infusion procedure is not that difficult for those who have some working knowledge of Sanskrit or Hindi languages and can correctly pronounce the verse from the Rig Veda given below in the image.

To perform the healing remedy, the practitioner should take a small shoot [about 1 inch long] of the Bargad tree, Banyan tree in the English language. First and foremost he has to wash and worship the Banyan Shoot in the normal manner with offerings of Agarbatti, Oil Lamp and some flowers.

After this, he has to sit down comfortably facing the East Direction, take the Banyan Shoot in his right hand, show it to the Sun [Surya Devta], and chant the Rig-Veda Mantra shown in the image 11 times with utmost concentration.

Finally, he has to take a Cotton Thread and dip it in Haldi [Turmeric] water, remove it after some time and then let it dry. Then he should wrap the Banyan Shoot completely in this Haldi dipped thread. The healing talisman is ready for use on the sick and ailing person, it has to be tied like a charm on the right foot, near the ankle.

This Mantra remedy seeks to attract the most powerful healing frequencies of the Sun by infusing the Banyan Shoot with the Verse, which is part of Hymn 193 of the 10th Part of the Rig-Veda. The practitioner seeks to invoke the Sun to put his Prana Shakti into the Banyan Shoot in order to heal the seriously sick person and make him respond quickly and positively to the medicines and medical treatment.

Rig Veda Mantra Spell and Remedy for Serious Illness
Rig Veda Mantra for Serious Illness

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  1. This healing remedy works perfectly.Thanks

  2. Hello

    I am not from India. I really don't know how to recite (pronounce) the rig veda mantra for illness.

    If you could give me a voice clip, I am glad to pay for it.

    Please contact me on

    Thank you


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