Tantra to Normalise Shifted Fetus

A few years back I had written about a Hindu Shabar Mantra to revert a shifted fetus back to it normal position. As a follow up on that article, I have included in this post a Tantra, which does not use any kind of Mantra or Yantra Sadhana to revert a shifted fetus back to its natural position in the womb of a pregnant woman. That Mantra can be seen - Here.

On any Saturday, the practitioner has to go a place where the ShankhPushpi plant is growing. The Shankhpushpi plant is known as the Aloe weed plant in common English. Once there, the practitioner has to offer Haldi [Turmeric] and Rice Grains to the Shankpushpi plant, pray, and appeal to it to help him revert a shifted fetus back to its natural position.

Then on the next day, which is Sunday, the practitioner has to once again go to the Shankhpushpi plant and do Parikrama [moving in a circle around a sacred deity or temple] 7 times in a row.

After this, the practitioner has to pray with folded hands to the Shankpushpi plant and then, facing the Sun he has to offer some Cow Milk to the root of the Shankhpushpi plant.

After this, he has to dig and remove the root aand bring it home and lastly tie it around the wait of his patient. After the recovery of the patient, the Shankhpushpi root has to be immersed in a flowing water body.

Caution- Article written solely to give information about traditional Indian health remedies and not to advocate that they replace any kind of ongoing medical treatment.

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  1. Pranam guruji,
    4th april is a hanuman jayanti and i am devotee of hanumanji.
    please provide a mantra sadhana shakti for know other people's secret or any good hanuman mantra sadhana for sidhi on hanuman jayanti.
    Thanks in advance.


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