Laxmi Pati Puja Mantra

Worshiping the Peepal Tree is a most powerful kind of worship of Laxmi-Vishnu as already explained before in some earlier articles published on this site.  Vishnu is the husband or Pati of Laxmi and the worship of Vishnu is also considered to be one of the best ways to please and seek the blessings of Laxmi. The Mantra Sadhana given in this post is a simple worship involving the Peepal tree [Sacred Fig tree] and a Vishnu Mantra, which can also be dedicated to Shri Krishna, who wife Rukmini is also said to be an Avatar of the Wealth Goddess Laxmi Mata.

The Puja-Vidhi is simple and can be performed on any day, however, Friday is considered to be a better day for performing the Mantra- Vidhi. The worship and Mantra experiment explained below can be performed for as many days as the worshippers wishes to , however, if a woman wants to perform the Mantra Prayog, she has to avoid the days of her Monthly Cycle.

All that the worshipper has to do is to offer Safeed Ti [White Colored Sesame Seeds] and Water to the root of the Peepal tree, which chanting the small Mantra shown by me in the image, just once. That is all that has to be done. This Laxmi-Vishnu-Peepal Mantra Puja-Vidhi should be useful for traditional devotional Hindu Ladies and Men.

Laxmi Pati Puja Mantra for traditional Hindu Ladies and Gentlemen
Laxmi Pati Puja Mantra

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  1. Dear Sir,
    This same mantra has been already published in other post earlier in same type of post.

    Amit Ranat

    1. Yes, two variation were published earlier, however, the last word in different in this version, which, I found recently.


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