Peepal Tree Worship for Laxmi Blessings

It is said in the Shastras that the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance blesses the Peepal Tree with her presence on the day of Purnima [Full Moon Day]. Hence, worshipping the Peepal Tree [Sacred Fig] Tree on this day will bear fruit in not only finance and money related matters, but also help resolve problems related to personal, marital and domestic issues.

In this post, I have written about a simple form of worship of the Peepal Tree to be conducted on the occasion of Purnima.

The Sadhana is extremely simple, all that has to be done is to water the Peepal Tree at 10.00 O’clock in the morning and chant a small prayer to Laxmi Mata to bless you and resolve your problems. The time mentioned here is extremely important, as it is the most auspicious time to worship the Peepal Tree on Purnima.

All those wishing to perform this simple form of worship, please keep in maing that cleanliness and hygiene are qualities valued by Laxmi, Hence, have a bath and wear clean clothes while performing the Laxmi Sadhana. Ladies, wishing to perform this Laxmi Sadhna, should take care to avoid it during the period of their Monthly Cycle.

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  1. peepal tree worship should be done on saturday and before 10.a.m.Please be concious.

  2. namaste guruji,
    i want to know what time it is good to water peepal tree in other we have to light a diya in purnima at 10.00 a.m too?can we light diya to peepal tree in day time and is it good to offer oil diya or ghee diya to peepal tree.

    1. This Totka is to be performed on the day of Purnima as described in the post.

  3. Sir, the remedy , I think seems to be carried out on Purnima.
    It is spiritually advised that Peepal tree should not be offered water on Sunday. If purnima falls on Sunday, then ?

    1. There is a view that the Peepal tree should not be watered on Sundays.
      It would be best to avoid performing this Peepal Worship remedy if Poornima falls on a Sunday.

  4. Sir, the time mentioned is 10 am. Since length of the day varies because of change in sunrise/sunset timings, is the time of 10 am mentioned remains same for every month ?

    1. It is near about the same timing for each month, a few minutes here and there will not matter.

  5. sir I have sun with 21 degree and moon with 25°, both sitting in wrong house giving debilited result to me. Can I offer water on Sunday to reduce the malefic effect of sun.

  6. .
    ब्रह्मा नारद संवाद मे अश्वत्थ (पीपल)वृक्ष की महिमा वर्णित की गयी है .यह अश्वत्थस्तोत्रम के नाम से है .
    श्री नारद उवाच -
    अनायासेन लोको Sयम सर्वान्कामानवाप नुयात
    सर्व देवात्मकम चैकम तन्मे ब्रूहि पितामह !
    श्रिणु देवमुनेSश्वत्थम शुद्धम सर्वात्मकम तरुम
    यत्प्रदक्षिणते लोक: सर्वान्कामानस्मश्नुते l
    नारद जी के पूछने पर ब्रह्मा जी ने कहा कि पीपल का वृक्ष शुद्ध और सर्वात्मक है ,जिसकी प्रदक्षिणा से संसार मे सब काम पूर्ण हो जाते हैं
    मूलत: ब्रह्म रूपाय ,मध्यत: विष्णु. रूपिणे
    अग्रत: शिव रूपाय,वृक्ष राजाय ते नाम: l
    इसकी जड़ ब्रह्म रूप है,मध्य विष्णु रूप है,अग्र भाग शिव रूप है .
    स्तोत्र के अंत मे कहा गया है कि-
    अश्वत्थ पूजितो यत्र पूजिता: सर्व देवता: .

    1. You are the man with the greatest Peepal strength as you could get the great Peepal gyan which only few possess in this world sadhya nidhi

  7. Could you help me with the mantra for Laxmi while watering the peepal? Also does is have to be recited 108 times while watering peepal?

  8. Sir.. This month there is eclipse on poornima... Lunar eclipse... Can we still water in morning 10 o clock... Or shud we skip due to sutak?


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