Hans Yakshini Mantra Sadhana for Success

The Swan symbolizes the Hans Yakshini, sometimes referred to as the Hamsi Yakshini.  This symbolization relates to the basic appearance of this particular Yakshini. However, Yakshinis are known to change forms and appearances and it is only after a Yogi succeeds in pleasing a Yakshini, that she shows her real form.

In this post, I have explained about a special Mantra Sadhana ritual to please the Hans Yakshini and emerge triumphant in matters related to courts, legal disputes, enemy trouble and trouble from superiors and colleagues in the job.

The Yakshini Sadhana is conducted by wearing clean White Clothes. The practitioner has to keep a Thali before him and spread some Black Mustard Seeds in that Thali. Then he has to keep a Coconut [with the upper tuff intact] in that Thali. Then he should offer Dhoop. There is no need to light a Diya.

A Mantra Spell ritual of the Hans Yakshini for Success
Hans Yakshini Mantra for Success

Then the practitioner has to chant 51 Malas of this Hans Yakshini Mantra, the chanting should be done continuously. The practitioner has to use a Coral Bead Counting Rosary for this purpose.

After this the practitioner has to keep the Coconut in the Puja Place in his home or in a clean place in the home and then dig a ditch in the Southern direction from his home and burry the  Black Mustard Seeds [ Sarson Seeds] and the Coral Mala in that ditch. This concludes the Hans Yakshini Mantra Prayog.

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