Remedies to Negate Matru Dosha

In traditional Hindu astrology, the Moon [Chandra] is classified as a feminine planet and is said to symbolize the mother.  Matru Dosha is a malefic astrological formation, which is said to occur, when the Moon is adversely placed with Rahu [North Node], Ketu [South Node] and Saturn.  The Matru Dosha is said to originate from past life curses and debts of women. This Dosha is responsible for a negative and disturbed atmosphere in the home, due to all sorts of problems.

However, only a detailed study of the horoscope is needed to know if there is a Matru Dosh in the horoscope as there are other factors and planetary combinations to be taken into consideration.

If informed by a learned astrologer that you have a Matru Dosh in your horoscope, there is absolutely no need to panic, the simple remedies given here will negate the adverse effects of Matru Dosha. Anyone of these three remedies, if practiced with sincerity, belief and devotion will surely negate all adverse effects of Matru Dosha.

Chanting any of the Hanuman Mantras is beneficial.
Offer some Jaggery to a Cow on Tuesdays.
Worship the Mangal Yantra every Tuesday and chant the Mangal Mantra 108 times, using a Rudraksha Mala.

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