Lal Kitab Remedy for Family Fights

A unique remedy from the Lal Kitab for resolving fights amongst various people living under the same roof as part of the same family is being given here, in this post. The fights might be between the husband and wife, amongst siblings, or among various family members, if it is a joint-family residing in the same house, as is common in India.

The remedy – Normally people purchase readymade wheat flour from the market, however, to practice this remedy, instead of using readymade wheat flour, the practitioner has to purchase wheat grains and use the grounded flour.  While taking the wheat to the flourmill for grinding, the practitioner has to mix with the wheat a little quantity of Whole Bengal Gram; this is a type of Chickpea, commonly called Kala Chana in the Hindi language.

The practitioner has to go the flourmill for grinding the wheat only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This wheat flour has to be used in the kitchen for preparing rotis and other food items.

The Lal Kitab says that practicing this remedy for a few months will resolve all the fights and disagreements amongst the family members and the relations between the family members will become friendly and amicable.

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