Indian Home Remedies to Cure Baldness

I am getting many requests to post about remedies to reduce, cure and stop baldness. However, I cannot promise anything, nevertheless, I have, in this post written about two unique, rare and ancient Indian remedies for baldness. People wishing to practice these remedies should consult their physicians for any allergic reaction towards the substances used in these remedies.

Baldness Cure Remedy One
The following ingredients are needed in order to practice this remedy.
Opium – half gram
Khurasani Ajwain Seeds [Sanskrit - ParsIk Yawani, Botanical name - Hyoscyamus niger.  Common English name – Henbane] – half gram

The Opium and Khurasani Ajwain Seeds are finely crushed to a paste in a little quantity of Vinegar. This paste is then applied to the hair. This home remedy has to be practiced 6 to 7 times for it to show positive results in arresting hair fall and enabling hair re growth.

Baldness Cure Remedy Two
Another home remedy is practiced by grinding the Seeds of Red Achyranthes Aspera or Red Chaff Plant known in Hindi as the Apamarga in a little amount of Honey. This mixture is applied over the bald patches on the scalp. This remedy has to be practiced for at least a week for it to show results.

You can also look up the other home remedies to stop or reduce hair fall given in the Traditional Indian Remedies Section of this site.

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