Home Remedies with Sour Lime

In continuation of the series on giving home remedy with ingredients of everyday use, today, are given some extremely simple homes remedies for some of the most common ailments and body conditions are home remedies with the sour lime. Such home remedies using the sour lime, called Nimbu in Hindi are practiced widely in India.

A simple home remedy for getting relief from acidity is to mix the juice  of one sour lime in a glass of water along with a little bit of sugar and drink this water.

A home remedy for stopping vomiting as a result of the intake of spoilt, stale, adulterated or impure food, is to cut a sour lime, apply some sugar over it and  keep sucking the sour lime.

A remedy to dissolve kidney stone is to mix sour limejuice and rock salt and consume this mixture. This remedy has to be practiced until positive results are witnessed.

An interesting remedy to stop hiccups is to mix about 1.5 grams of the ash of a dried sour lime with honey and consume this mixture every hour, until the hiccups stop.

Sour limejuice relieve throat problems, the juice of one sour lime should be mixed in a glass of warm water and consumed at bedtime to get relief from colds.

About 2.5 grams sour limejuice and 5 grams of honey are mixed together and eaten to get relief from uncontrollable coughing. This remedy also reduces the intensity of an asthmatic attack.

A popular home remedy to get relief from all kinds of stomach related problems, including excessive gas, is to mix two teaspoons of sour limejuice and one teaspoon of ginger juice and consume this juice.

A mixture of sour limejuice and black pepper powder is known to give positive results in curing liver related problems.

A home remedy to stop loose motions is to prepare a paste of a small sapling of the sour lime plant and the pomegranate plant and a few strands of Saffron [Kesar] and consume a teaspoon of this paste.

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