Vedic Remedies to Pacify Adverse Planets

In this post are some very simple Hindu astrological remedies to pacify adverse and malefic planets in the horoscope or harmful planetary transits or combinations. These remedies are practiced using the food grains or foodstuff associated with the nine planets according to traditional Indian Vedic astrology. These remedies can be useful to the layperson.

If diagnosed as having one or more harmful planets in the horoscope, the following remedy can be performed for one or more of the adverse planets. The procedure of practicing the remedy is the same for all the planets, except the unique food grains/food stuff for each planet.

The practitioner has to go to a street corner, where four roads meet and keep the food grain/eatable on a leaf of a Palsh tree [Flame of the Forest tree] there and surround the leaf with flower garlands on all four sides.

Sun [Surya] - Wheat
Mercury [Budh] - Moong Beans [Green or Golden Gram]
Saturn [Shani] - Kale Til [Black Sesame Seeds]
Moon [Chandra] - Rice Grains
Jupiter [Guru] - Whole Bengal Gram [Kala Chana]
Mars [Mangal] - Pink Lentil Beans [Masoor]
Venus [Shukra] - White Colored Sweets or Sweet Dishes
North Node [Rahu] - Mustard [Sarson]
South Node [Ketu] – Coconut

Note- Other than what is mentioned above, there is no other kind of worship,  Mantra Sadhana or Puja-Vidhi-Archana involved for practicing this remedy, which can be practiced on any day and time.

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  1. Pranam Guruji,
    I'm not sure which planet is malefic in my horoscope, there is no mental peace at myhhome. PPlease let me know whether remedy for all planet can be done simultaneously to seek their blessings. I'm in need of your response, please Guruji.

    1. Mental peace relate to moon mercury n mostly depends on your mhadasha and sntardasha so kindly follow with all ingredient in above post it will help you regards sanjay acharya


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