Nostradamus India will become a Hindu Nation

The prophecies and the predictions of Nostradamus as interpreted by this site to be referring to the now Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi have fulfilled themselves. The rise of Modi is a landmark turning point and a bend in the political history of Modern day India.  What his opponents dreaded most has come true, Modi will be raising the Indian Tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of India’s Independence Day on 15 August 2014.

Another question, which now arises, is, whether Indian will now or in the near future turn to Hinduism or will it become a Hindu Nation. At this moment of time, there is great debate on Hindutva and Hinduism going on India and this includes the Parliament. For any action to take place there has to be an equal and opposite reaction, this is, as we all know the primary law of nature. Modi’s and Hindutva opponents are providing the trigger to set off the chain reaction, which will finally lead India towards a Hindu Way of Life.

A few years back, I had interpreted a particular prophecy of Nostradamus as referring to a Hindu Revival in India.  Lets’ see this prophecy once again-

The temples will be constructed in the style of the Original Romans. Reverting to the first Laws of Humanity. Reverting to some of the preaching of the Saints – Nostradamus - Century 2 – Quatrain – 8

Now temples of the Original Romans, meaning the Rome before Jesus Christ and Christianity were very much like Hindu temples of today.

The first and primary Laws of Humanity are practiced only in India; the reference to the Hindu Way of Life by Nostradamus appears crystal clear.

The reverting to some of the preaching of Saints like Adi Shankara has already commenced. More and more Indians are looking towards Hindu Spirituality to free themselves from the multitude of problems faced by most Indians.

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  1. it is very delighted to know that india will become a hindu nation in future.hindus and hinduism which was torch leader to humanity all over world was subjectedto insults,destruction etc., during invasions from alien fanatics who invaded india for water,rich food comforts luxury at the disunity and innocence of hindus

  2. India as hindu nation is welcome..but please keep the artists out of all this....Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bacchan ji Have huge muslims fans......


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